2015. May 5. Constant fear and worry could be a part of everyday life for many parents because the “Sulimoped” (School scooter) program carried out by the Hungarian National Police. The program will largely increase the chances for serious or even fatal accidents among young people – the Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) drew attention to this in a letter to the Minister... view

2015. April 13. A trial version of an electric midibus developed by a Hungarian company recently started its test run in Budapest. On the occasion of this event the minister of national economy, Mihály Varga held a press conference in the Buda Castle. According to his speech the aim is to position Hungary as a leader in the Central-European region in electromobility and... view

2015. April 7. Air pollution is responsible for the premature death of more than 16,000 persons in Hungary every year and the number of people with air pollution related diseases are even higher several orders of magnitude. However, the government does not take this seriously – this came to the light from the 2014 report on the implementation of the government’s PM10... view

2015. April 1. „10 o’clock in the morning. Budapest. Bus 9. There are around thirty passengers including elders and babies as well. The interior of the bus is filled with exhaust gas. In every stop passengers are trying to get closer to the doors to take at least a sip of fresh air.” No, this is not a scene from a disaster movie, this is a description of the reality that... view

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