VAT fraud and corruption scandal in Hungary

VAT fraud and corruption scandal
in Hungary

A growing number of evidence is coming to light which indicate that corruption at governmental level makes large scale VAT (value added tax) fraud possible in Hungary. A whistleblower, former employee of Hungary’s National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV), András Horváth first disclosed the details at a press conference on 8 November 2013. Horváth has submitted a report to Hungary’s Chief Prosecutor, backing his statement with documentary proof.
According to official estimates, the sum of the illegally evaded VAT and illegally reimbursed VAT in Hungary equals 5 to 6 % of the GDP. Horváth’s investigations show that main actors of VAT fraud in Hungary are not private persons or small enterprises, but highly organised criminal groups which established close relations with the state administration. These criminal groups have been carrying out illegal activities already for many years and they are assisted by officials within the tax authority. The main beneficiaries of the VAT fraud are several retail chains and big exporting companies.

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