Company Supporting Membership

Supporting Membership is for the companies who would like to provide the Clean Air Action Group with continuous and predictable support to achieve our goals, namely to create a healthy environment.

In order to become our supporting member, the companies with legal personality should fill out our online datasheet. The Presidency of the Clean Air Action Group shall decide concerning the admission of the new member within one week and shall inform the nominee of the decision.

Each Company Supporting Member

  • receives our monthly online newsletter ‘Lélegzetnyi’ (if you wish). In this newsletter a summary of our activities carried out in the preceding month is provided, so you can have up-to-date information on how your financial support is being used;
  • receives an invitation to all our events, conferences, with 50% discount for the participation;
  • is enlisted on our homepage as well as in our annual reports as our Supporting Member (provided you consent to);
  • may participate in our annual meetings;
  • will be handed a complimentary copy of our publications in our office (if in stock);
  • is given a Supporting Membership Card (via e-mail).
  • Most important of all is that your support contributes to creating a more livable world.

Yearly membership fee:

  • Our yearly supporting membership fee for companies is at least 100,000 HUF. We issue an invoice of the fee, which shall be paid via bank transfer >>>Online form
  • Instead of our membership system one can choose customised granting. >>> More

Your contribution will be dedicated to the following tasks:

  • We provide consulting for every individual who contact us with environmental problems. (Last year we gave advise in almost 3000 cases).
  • We promote the fruition of a more environmental friendly traffic system (renewal of the public transportation, improved conditions for walking and biking, promotion of the car sharing).
  • We help to protect and develop green areas (in 2008 we planted 400 trees and 13.000 bushes in Budapest).
  • We facilitate the renovation of the buildings for the sake of energy saving.

In a recent research thirty european cities were evaluated with respect to environmental protection and social activity. The results showed that the more members NGO have, generally the greener the city is where they live.

The Clean Air Action Group is greatly honoured that you would like to become its Supporting Member.

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Membership fee (minimum 100,000 HUF/year):*
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