Cooperation for Electromobility

Switching the traffic from fossil-fueled combustion engines to electric ones is essential to achieve the European Union’s (and also Hungary’s) goal, namely to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emission and air pollution as soon as possible. To facilitate this the Clean Air Action Group (Levegő Munkacsoport) has concluded a cooperation agreement with Jedlik Ányos Cluster (JÁK), the Hungarian e-mobility cluster.

The Cluster brings together primarily those market participants who are interested in boosting the usage of electric vehicles in Hungary. In establishing cooperation, the Clear Air Action Group emphasized that according to its view in the initial period it is important to encourage the dissemination of electric vehicles that are accessible for a wide range of people and which mileage is much higher than the average. These vehicles include electric two-wheelers, electric buses, car sharing cars and taxis.

Translated by Noémi Koncz