What a difference in noise of electric buses!

Test results by Clean Air Action Group show multiple times greater noise pollution caused by buses operated on diesel fuel than those running with electric engines. The tests were completed in the Castle District of Buda. Noise pollution may harm certain functions of the nervous system, such as concentration or efficiency, increases the likeliness of accidents.

Members of Clean Air Action Group measured the noise emission of two similar, medium sized buses, a diesel run Karsan ATAK and a Modulo Medio bus with an electric engine. Noise levels were measured both inside the buses and outside, at a 5 meter distance. At 5 meters, the average noise level by the diesel bus was 10 dB greater than that of the electric bus, with the greatest difference being 15 dB higher. The diesel bus was so noisy as if it was a big truck passing by, while the electric bus had a noise level of people talking to each other.- described the perceived difference Peter Lenkei, the Lead of Environmental Consultation Office of the Clean Air Action Group.

Inside the buses, the average difference was 3 dB. This means twice the strength of the noise level.

Much less attention is paid to noise pollution than to air quality, however, noise exposure also represents serious health risks. As data with the European Agency of Environment Protection show, 30 percent of the population of the European Union is regularly exposed to noise levels above the established health hazard thresholds, the consequence of which is premature death (156,000 a year) and high blood pressure for 910,000 individuals.

The primary responsibility to allow low noise emission buses only in the community transportation lies on the governments and on the local self-governments.- added the Office Lead.

Records of the tests: budapest_varfok_u_buszok_zaj_meres_jegyzokonyv_2016jun.pdf

Record of measured data: varfok_u_buszok_zajmeres_2016jun-2.xls

The tests were completed as part of the international project dedicated to decrease grime emission, part of which is promoting electric power in mobility.

See also: https://www.levego.hu/kapcsolodo-anyagok/mekkora-a-zaj-a-buszokban

Translated by Szilvia Tóth