Soot-free for our Climate and Health

Soot-free for our Climate and Health

International Conference

17-18th November 2010, Budapest

Hotel Novotel Budapest Centrum (1088 Budapest, Rákóczi út 43-45.)

Day 1. (Wednesday, 17th November)

12:45 Registration

Chair: Péter Rudnai, Chief Doctor, Hungarian Institute for Environmental Health; President, Hungarian Society of Doctors for the Environment; Steering Committee Member, International Society of Doctors for the Environment

13:20 Welcome: Zsolt Horváth, Director, Clean Air Action Group

13:30 Effect of the soot pollution on our climate
Lucienne Damm,NABU, Berlin

14:00 Sources of particulate matter emissions in Hungary, and especially in Budapest
Zsuzsanna Bibók, State Secretariat for Environment

14:30 Urban aerosol in Budapest: from coarse particles to nano sizes
Prof. Imre Salma, Budapest University ELTE, Institute for Chemistry

15:00 Health effects of PM and other air pollution in Budapest
Prof. Dr. Kristóf Nékám, Vice-President, Hungarian Society of Allergologists

15:30 Questions and answers

15:30 Tea break

16:10 The Hungarian soot-free campaign
Gergely Simon, environmental chemist, Clean Air Action Group

16:30 Good examples for the reduction of air pollution
Gábor Bendik, lawyer, Clean Air Action Group

16:50 The role of various public transport modes in soot emission reduction
Zoltán Szabó, economist, Clean Air Action Group

17:10 Good examples of the reduction of the soot emissions in the Czech Republic
Dr. Miroslav Šuta, environmental expert, Member of the Czech National Committee for Chemical Safety

17:30 Putting transport prices right as an important element to soot reduction
András Lukács, President president of Clean Air Action Group

17:50 Questions and answers

18:30 Cocktail reception: Speeches by:
Dr. Axel Friedrich, Transport and Environment Expert, Berlin,
András Lukács, President of Clean Air Action Group,

Day 2 (Thursday, 18th November)

8:30 Registration
Chair: András Lukács, President of Clean Air Action Group

9:00 „What is required by Budapest?” – opening speech
István Tarlós Mayor of Budapest (invited)

9:15 „Why is a big city sick?” – presentation of the national environmental hygiene/health situation – with special regard to Budapest
Benedek Jávor, Chairman of the Committee on Sustainable Development of the Hungarian Parliament

9:30 What the government could do for the development of an environmental sound transport network?
Zoltán Schváb, Deputy State Secretary for Transport, Ministry of National Development

9:50 Organize and control! – freight strategy, parking strategy, congestion charging and city bike rental
Miklós Devecz, Director of Parking Kft., Budapest

10:10 All roads lead to Berlin – presentation of the German system
Dr. Axel Friedrich, Berlin

10:30 Questions, answers

10:50 Coffee break

11:10 Congestion charging – engineering and economic theory, international practices and feasibility in Budapest
Szilárd Erhart, expert, Budapest

11:30 Congestion charging or urban toll? – Position of the Clean Air Action Group
Márton Vargha, Clean Air Action Group

11:45 The possibility of reducing traffic pollution in central Budapest
Tamás Várady, Director of Közlekedés Kft. (Transportation Consulting Company)

12:00 The possibilities of greening the transport system of Budapest
Tibor Keszthelyi, Deputy General Director of FŐMTERV Zrt.

12:15 BKK: future possibilities for a more livable, likeable Budapest
Dávid Vitézy, Head of the Budapest Transport Centre (BKK)

12:35 Questions, answers

12:50 Buffet Lunch

13:00 International Press Conference

The site of the campaign: (Hungarian), (English), (Deutsch)