ICTS 2012 conference in Slovenia

The International Conference on Transport Science (ICTS) traditionally took place in Portorož,Slovenia, where transportation experts from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Serbia meet annualy. This year it was the 15th meeting, where USEmobility project was presented.

Professors of Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport in Portorož, PhD Elen Twrdy and PhD Jurij Kolenc agreed that the traffic science has too less influence in today’s transport policies in the Balkan region. The politicians make most of the decisions in transport policy without consulting the science first. That has a bad effect on the Balkan states’ economies. Therefore, they emphasized in their presentation that scientists and other experts should change that image.

Scientists and transport experts showed a great interest in the results of the USEmobility project that was presented by Ante Klečina from Savez za željeznicu (Pro-rail alliance) from Croatia in the section called “Transport planning and management in transport”. In the short discussion after the presentation they were very enthusiastic about the idea to survey the “soft factors” and how they influence the people’s choice of transportation mode.

Scientists wanted to know if USEmobility results really can change the citizens’ mobility behaviour in Varaždin and Zagreb regions in Croatia, where citizens were asked why they decided to switch from pure car use to public transport within the past 5 years. The presenter stated that the expectations from USEmobility are rather high in these regions since it can support undergoing projects to implement local integrated (multimodal) passenger public transportation systems.


The 15th International Conference on Transport Science – ICTS 2012 took place at the Congress centre of Grand Hotel Metropol in Portorož on 28th of May 2012. This year’s theme was Maritime, transport and logistics science. The program committee selected 55 papers, written by around 130 authors coming from 11 countries, namely Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Monte Negro, Macedonia, Italy, Hungary, Czech r. and Kuwait. More than 70 guests and presenters attended the ICTS 2011. The opening was followed by a discussion on “The importance of seafarers’ education”. It gathered deans and vice-deans from 4 Adriatic maritime faculties; dr. Elen Twrdy, dr. Serđo Kos, dr. Toni Bielić, dr. Pero Vidan and dr. Peter Vidmar.

The conference was organized by the Slovene  Association of Transport Sciences  and Slovenian Society for Transport Science, Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport in Portorož  (Slovenia) and Faculty of Maritime Studies in University of Rijeka (Croatia).