Presentations of USEmobility in Croatia

Besides the surveys, maybe the most important step of USEmobility project is addressing the target groups. Dissemination of the project is done by all partners in several European countries. Thus, the Croatian partner Pro-Rail Alliance, Croatia, has so far presented the project on several occasions.

Croatia is trying to develop new regional intermodal passengers transport systems, which will be managed by Public Transport Authorities. Since it practically doesn’t have any intermodal passenger systems yet, the Croatian partner is assuming that the findings and recommendations that will come from USEmobility might have a huge influence on setting up such systems.

Public transport services have deteriorated in Croatia in the last 20 years. This has had the consequence that the number of passengers has decreased while the amount of the individual transport (by cars) rose. USEmobility has already explored all of this through the Work Package 2 which very successfully determined the current European mobility trends in five European countries, including Croatia.

Pro-Rail Alliance, Croatia, is very determined to change this trend with its very active involvement in several projects that aim to improve public transport in Croatia. One of these projects is aiming to establish a Public Transport Authority for northern Croatia and also to set up an integrated public transportation system that currently doesn’t exist there. As a full partner in USEmobility the Alliance is convinced that the results that will come from it will significantly help building an efficient intermodal public transportation system in that part of Croatia. The Alliance is also hoping that a successful implementation of intermodality in northern Croatia will significantly help to build such systems throughout the country.

 USEmobility strongly relies on the survey which will be carried out in 10 European regions. In Croatia, the survey will be carried in Zagreb and in the Varaždin and Međimurje Counties. An important step to having a successful survey in Croatia is to inform the target groups and the broad public about the benefits that USEmobility might bring. Therefore, the Alliance has taken steps to present the project on several occasions. The presentations were prepared as part of the successful cooperation with the project leader, German Allianz pro Schiene and the leader of the dissemination package in the project, Hungarian Levegő Munkacsoport (Clean Air Action Group).

The first presentation took place in Zagreb at the second regular assembly of the Pro-Rail Alliance, Croatia, on February the 15th, 2011. Many experts and decision makers from the railway sector were informed about the crucial facts of the project during a 15 minute presentation.

On February the 22nd, the project was presented at a large conference that was held in Varaždin County. The aim of the conference was to inform the local public and the local authorities in Varaždin and Međimurje Counties (northern Croatia) about the start of the project that will implement the new intermodal public transport services in that part of Croatia. A part of the event was also a 15 minute presentation of USEmobility and the possible positive impact that USEmobility will have on implementing passenger intermodality. The conference chairman was the Deputy Prefect of Varaždin County, Milan Pavleković. It was also very well covered by the local media.

 The presentation of USEmobility on the national level first took place on March the 10th 2010 in the hotel “Porin” in Zagreb. The conference there brought together about 70 representatives from local authorities, local bus operators and representatives from the Ministry of Transport and the companies under the Croatian Railways holding. The main goal was to present the concept of the intermodal passenger transport system that will be managed by Public Transport Authorities. Among the many presentation that covered some ongoing and some future projects, USEmobility was presented as well with a 10 minute presentation. USEmobility was also presented at the two FP7 info-day events in Croatia. The first one was on February the 11th in Varaždin County and the second one was in the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports in Zagreb on March the 18th 2011. So far the project has received some very good reactions both from the experts and the broad public. The Pro-Rail Alliance will continue to present the project on the national level on several occasions until the end of 2011.  

Ante Klečina