Project presentation in Vilnius, Lithuania

The USEmobility was presented at the 25th European Conference on Operational Research EURO (Vilnius, Lithuania). The topic of this year conference EURO 2012 was: Operational Research Connecting Sciences. Operational Research is a multidisciplinary field and provides strategies and decisions and solutions to new challenges in business, technology and society as a whole. With 2100 participants from 68 countries the conference provided an opportunity for an interchange of ideas.

The USEmobility project and the results achieved so far were presented on 8th of July, 2012 in the stream ‘Optimisation in Public Transport’ in the session ‘Public Transport Perspectives within a Changing Mobility Environment’. The presentation can be downloaded here: usemobility_euro2012_vilnius.pdf

The researchers participating in the session asked questions about the design details of the USEmobility survey, the representativeness of the results and the reference to modal-split. They wondered if the survey results could be linked to concrete public transport solutions in the surveyed regions.

Among others Mrs. Prof. Anita Schöbel from the Georg-August University Göttingen (Germany) was contacted. She gave a very interesting tutorial lecture ‘lines, Timetables, Delays: Models and Trends in Optimisation of Public Transport. Various models have been discussed that minimising either the cost of the lines or maximising the convenience of the passengers. The choice of the route depends on many factors, like the lines, the timetable or the delay management strategy. It was discussed how passengers’ decisions may be integrated in the optimisation process. Since the USEmobility survey investigated mobility behaviour of people and factors influencing the choice of transport mode it would be interesting to discuss if the results of this survey could be integrated in the optimisation models.


European Conference on Operational Research (OR)

The subject of the conference is - OR connecting sciences. OR is in its own right a multi-disciplinary field. It provides strategies and decisions for individuals as well as institutions, taking into account complex interaction between people and world. By connecting to a larger set of existing and new sciences, it is our hope that OR can become an instrument for providing adequate solutions to new challenges in business, technology and society as whole. The Conference will focus on the most relevant topics and issues of European and global science in the field of OR theory and advanced applications.


The 25th European Conference on Operational Research was organized between 8-11th of July, 2012 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The program of the Conference can be download here: