The survey results were presented at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

On 12th of April, 2012 the USEmobility survey results were introduced for more than 60 high-level representatives of the German rail industry, transportation companies, civil society organizations and political decision makers at the meeting of the supporting members and members of the Allianz pro Schiene (Pro-Rail Alliance).

Mr. Thomas Krautscheid, Head of Consultancy of Quotas presented the results and led the discussion with the prominent audience.

The participants welcomed this type of investigation and found the survey results very interesting. They expect from these findings more specific recommendations e.g. for transportation companies. The project team informed that in the second half of the project such recommendations will be developed together with corresponding stakeholders.


Quotas, who is a partner at USEmobility project, stands for innovative quality research and sophisticated service systems. Quotas conducted the USEmobility survey in 6 European countries and 10 regions. The survey was finalized in 2011. The comprehensive report of the survey will be available to the public after approval of the European Commission.