USEmobility-Survey has started successfully

After extensive preparation and pretesting, the fieldwork for the USEmobility survey started in June. In six European countries, a representative sample of the population is being asked about mobility and changes to the means of transport used for the journey.

The interviews for this part of the survey are done online in cooperation with established online-panels. The first results will be provided soon.

For the second part of the survey, 10 cases were chosen and interviews are being conducted exclusively with users of the chosen transportation systems/companies. For each case an adequate survey design was developed. The methods for the case specific part of the survey range from simple telephone interviews (CATI) to personal interview with passengers in trains. The results for this part of the survey provide direct insights into transportation systems and their factors of success.


The intention when developing the USEmobility survey design was to reveal new findings regarding social mobility behaviour and to create something “new” and “innovative” in the field of scientific transport surveys. The intermediate results are promising. The respondents accept the questionnaire and provide useful and reliable data. The current interviews are the first wave of the survey. The second wave of the survey will be carried out in September 2011. Altogether, 10.000 interviews are being conducted, including 4.000 case specific interviews.   

Dieter Ratz Quotas GmbH