USEmobility workshops have started

As the USEmobility project is progressing ever more and more, the time has come to present our preliminary results to a select public in our project countries. In order to do this the USEmobility consortium has chosen to organize workshops in our 6 project countries. The aim of the workshops is discussing and complementing the results of our project up until now.

The main input for the workshops is the scenarios developed for each country. These scenarios are future visions for 2020 and 2050 of how more eco-friendly multi-modal mobility can be achieved in each country. These scenarios are based upon the best practices we identified during our research and upon the results of our extensive survey. The envisaged main outcome of the workshop is building a consensus between the different stakeholders about the future visions and potentials for eco-friendly multi-modal mobility. The results of these workshops will form the basis of our recommendations for the target groups: decision makers, transport service providers and civil society organisations.  

The dates of the different workshops are the following:

• Croatia (6th of June)

• Hungary (8th of June)

• The Netherlands (15th of June)

• Germany (19th of June)

• Austria (20th of June)

• Belgium (26th of June)

The workshops are coordinated by the European Passengers’ Federation.  If you would like to know more about the workshops in a particular country, please feel free to contact the European Passengers’ Federation at