Quotas GmbH

The Quotas GmbH, founded in 2001, is a market research company and renowned for its Quality-of-Service (QoS) surveys in the postal and mobility sector.

Quotas employs a total number of 50 employees. With online-panellists in over 80 countries worldwide, Quotas carries out international QoS-measurements.

Quotas is highly specialised in postal QoS-monitoring related work. However, this does not mean a single specialisation in running postal QoS monitors only. Instead, Quotas is proud to present a much larger scale of fields that are related to customer surveys and quality monitoring:

    * Mobility:For seven years Quotas conducts the VCD Rail Test, a rail oriented QoS Monitor with a wide media echo.     * Consulting:The European Commission regularly nominates Quotas team members as paid experts in the field of postal measurement standardisation. Furthermore, Quotas has developed new statistical approaches to estimating more accurately the precision of QoS results.     * Technology:Quotas is developing RFID-measurement technology. Adding to that it is running an online incentive shop (http://www.quotas-shop.de) where German panellists can go shopping with their survey bonus points.

Quotas carries out international QoS measurements for such clients as: German Traffic Union (‘Verkehrsclub Deutschland’, VCD), DHL, Belgium Post, Post Danmark, Pošta Slovenije, Royal Mail and the Universal Postal Union (UPU).

Since 2003, Deutsche Post has been commissioning Quotas to conduct a wide range of surveys, including the domestic priority mail survey in accordance with the standard EN 13850.

Quotas' base of clients is steadily growing and all the clients Quotas has worked for so far are highly satisfied. They either commission Quotas with follow-up projects (e.g. VCD, Deutsche Post, La Poste, TPG Post, Swiss Post and Belgium Post) or agree with us on multi-year contracts (Deutsche Post, Royal Mail, Pošta Slovenije and Post Danmark).