Savez za Železnicu

Savez za Železnicu (Pro Rail Alliance) is a non-profit and independent organization that promotes environment-friendly and safe rail transport. It has the following member structure: 11 non-profit organizations and 31 companies. Non-profit organizations members are mostly trade unions, professional associations, organizations that are helping to protect the environment and cultural and artistic societies. All the members that are companies are involved with the railway sector (operators, railway rolling stock manufacturers, railway infrastructure manufacturers, etc.). The Pro Rail Alliance is funded by its members. The Alliance promotes eco-friendly and safe rail transport through events, media relations, lobbying and projects.

One of its strategic objectives is to lobby for the appliance of lead technical innovations in rail transport, especially ones that emphasise environmental friendly and energy efficient rail transport. Furthermore the organization is also promoting good examples in rail transport and it is lobbying for a better market share of rail operators in regional passenger and rail freight transport.

The German Pro Rail Alliance (Allianz pro Schinene) is the Alliance’s official partner organization.

The “Savez za Železnicu” has been working on several projects with the main task to promote the comparative advantages of the railway transport.

One of the projects is promoting the new organization of regional passenger transport that is based on regional transport authorities. This system is similar to those in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many other developed European countries. In this project Alliance has a good cooperation with relevant experts from Ministry of Traffic and Faculty of transport and traffic engineering. It also successfully cooperates with local politicians and rail and road passenger operators.

The Alliance also cooperates with Ministry of the Interior, HŽ Infrastructure (national Rail Infrastructure Company), Croatian Automobile Club, HŽ Cargo (national reight rail operator) and many others on the projects that involve raising the traffic safety and the improvement of the rail traffic in general.