The VCÖ was founded in 1988. It’s the principal organisation in Austria working for environmentally sustainable, socially just, and economically efficient mobility. What the VCÖ wants to achieve

Mobility and transport are key issues in today’s world. People’s personal mobility is shrinking, while traffic problems are growing. Casualties of these developments are frequently human health, the environment and quality of life. Therefore the field of transport offers us the chance to solve many of society’s environmental, social and economic problems. How the VCÖ funds itself

The VCÖ undertakes research, issues publications and hosts events which are supported by both the public purse and private enterprise. In addition, businesses support the VCÖ’s work through sponsorship and advertising. Private individuals also contribute to VCÖ funds through regular and project-specific donations. How the VCÖ builds up its knowledge base

The VCÖ’s activities are all built on fact-based foundations established through the VCÖ’s own research institute. Data and information relating to particular problems are analysed and the effectiveness of potential solutions investigated by networks of specialists who have the relevant competence. These networks always involve the VCÖ and in some cases have been created by the VCÖ. On the basis of findings emanating from these processes, the VCÖ is able to draw up suggestions for solutions. It then presents these suggestions to those responsible for decision-making, be they representatives of institutions, public administration, elected representatives or businesses. How the VCÖ helps bring about win/win situations

More efficient transport improves quality of life for citizens, protects the environment, and reduces the costs borne by private households and companies. The VCÖ is able to bring about win/win situations by publicising pioneering ideas, and by working out concrete ways of finding solutions to problems. This is done through events, conferences and discussions with those responsible for making the decisions.