Stadt, Land, Schiene - Croatian


Examples of successful regional railways

The German Pro-Rail Alliance is presenting the country’s most successful regional railways. Its conclusion: the railways are making good progress. In the space of a few years, the growth in passenger numbers in the 15 selected railway lines from each of Germany’s states proves that even lines threatened with closure can develop into real passenger attractions if the services on offer are matched to customers’ needs. The recipes for success can be found by looking at the 15 case studies portrayed in the booklet ‘Stadt, Land, Schiene’ (‘Town, Country, Railway’). In short: efficient infrastructure, frequent scheduling, good connections, modern rolling stock, simple pricing, customer-orientation and operating companies with a regional background. More information:  http://www.allianz-pro-schiene.de/eng/press/press-releases/2009/2009-47/


Stadt, Land, Schiene - the brochure in German language is available here

Bikes on public transport


During 2008, the Flemish passenger association TreinTramBus, formerly called Bond van Trein-, Tram- en Busgebruikers, did an extensive study for the Flem-ish government in order to look for an ideal way to take bikes on trams and buses of the regional public transport company De Lijn. The aim of this paper is derived from this former research and is to identify all the possibilities of taking a bike on light rail, metro, tram and bus, and to make an inventory of present examples. We will look at the attachment of the bike on the vehicle, the perception by users, drivers and public transport companies, the pricing, the different regulation and the communication of these systems.