2016. April 20. Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) has asked lord mayor István Tarlós to aggravate the smog alert regulation in a letter sent today. Events of recent days showed that the current smog alert regulation does not provide any kind of practical improvement in air quality. In case of smog alert warning the current regulation prohibits only vehicles having a black vignette; however, the number of these vehicles in the metropolitan traffic is... view

2016. March 22. With the involvement of NGOs engaged in the topic, work out detailed action plan immediately for the significant rollback of corruption, and carry it out. Among others, this should be recommended to the government of Hungary by the EU – wrote Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) in its report for the European Commission. The Brussels-based Green Budget Europe, as... view

2016. March 10. Household waste incineration causes millions of violations and takes thousands of lifes every year. Burning household waste means breaking the law, still hundreds of thousands of people do this everyday. The tragic consequences of waste incineration are well known facts among experts, and it is possible for the government to take action against it. However... view

2016. February 10. The implementation of the governmental program for improving air quality needs to be accelerated. At the meeting of the Committee on Sustainable Development, regardless of party affiliation, the MPs agreed on this. The discussion of the topic by the Committee has been initiated by the Clean Air Action Group. At the meeting, the president of the Clean Air... view

2016. February 8. Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) welcomes the decision of the Hungarian Government to grant a non-repayable financial assistance of 3,9 billion Forints to BKV (Budapest public transport company) for the procurement of 20 electric buses. It is also creditable, that the buses will be produced in Hungary. CAAG considers this success as its own, since it has... view

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