2016. February 8. Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) welcomes the decision of the Hungarian Government to grant a non-repayable financial assistance of 3,9 billion Forints to BKV (Budapest public transport company) for the procurement of 20 electric buses. It is also creditable, that the buses will be produced in Hungary. CAAG considers this success as its own, since it has actively taken part in the popularization of electric buses for years. Among others... view

2016. January 21. With a new series of measurements, the Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) analysed air pollution caused by heating in Börzsöny and Pilis mountains. The results show a frightening picture. Take a human hair, split its diameter into three thousand parts. Particles of similar size can be detected by the TSI P-TRAK 8525 condensation particle counter, which we used... view

2016. January 4. Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) made a proposal for indicators, which would help to evaluate numerically how well the city is progressing in competitiveness, attractiveness and in improving the quality of life of its citizens. The proposal was sent to the Budapest Municipality. The conceptions and plans made for Budapest so far are usually missing concrete,... view

2015. December 11. Suffering from smoke caused by burning leaf-litter, residents of Göd have joined forces, gathered a Facebook group and decided to step up in order to live a healthy life. Clean Air Action Group was invited to measure and evaluate the air pollution that the burning of leaf-litter causes in Göd. The measurements proved that the pollution is seriously harmful... view

2015. November 23. The results of measurements made by Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) prove, that the new buses bought by the Budapest public transport company (BKV) practically do not emit those air polluting particles, which are considered the most damaging to human health. At the same time the old buses are still polluting the city's air. Péter Lenkei, Head of CAAG’s... view

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