2015. November 23. The results of measurements made by Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) prove, that the new buses bought by the Budapest public transport company (BKV) practically do not emit those air polluting particles, which are considered the most damaging to human health. At the same time the old buses are still polluting the city's air. Péter Lenkei, Head of CAAG’s Environmental Advisory Office gave information on this topic at a press conference... view

2015. November 9. „It looks like Clean Air Action Group’s campaign worked, more than a hundred Volvo buses will get new engines in Budapest. Some of them have been carrying passengers for a million kilometers.” This is a quote from one of the leading online news portals about transportation in Hungary, ( view

2015. November 2. Between February and October 2015, Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) has requested from the Budapest public transport company, BKV the repair of more than 70 intensely fuming buses. In several cases BKV could significantly decrease the harmful emission of the buses concerned. All these improvement took place thanks to the passengers who answered the call of... view

2015. September 16. Climate change is one of the causes of the refugee crisis. If there will be no substantial steps taken to protect the climate, the number of refugees will increase tremendously. This is one more reason why the Clean Air Action Group is urging the Hungarian government and the EU to do everything possible to combat climate change. Scientific American... view

2015. September 8. Budapest, September 8, 2015 – The refugee crisis unfolding these days in Hungary has led to a critical situation where we feel it is our duty to speak out. The signatories urge the Hungarian government to handle the humanitarian crisis in the wake of the arrival of refugees according to basic standards of humanity, and to provide real help instead of... view

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