2016. June 9. The government forwarded the draft regulation about quality requirements of certain solid fuels to public consultation, which aims to prohibit selling lignite to households. Clean Air Action Group welcomes the measures and proposes suggestions to improve the draft. Hungary would make significant progress towards preserving the health of its population and climate protection if the burning of lignite is banned in home heating... view

2016. May 17. Vacuum cleaners might fill the air of households with toxic dust, as shown by the investigation of Clean Air Action Group. Earlier, the organization determined through laboratory analysis of dust samples that dust found in homes, school gyms and kindergartens might contain lead, other heavy metals, and carcinogenic substances amongst others. In the latest... view

2016. May 6. An online survey about domestic waste burning was carried out by the environmental NGO Clean Air Action Group (Levegő Munkacsoport); 415 people filled out the questionnaire within two weeks. The survey is not representative, but the data can be considered reliable as they reflect the information obtained from the enormous number of complaints Clean Air... view

2016. April 20. Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) has asked lord mayor István Tarlós to aggravate the smog alert regulation in a letter sent today. Events of recent days showed that the current smog alert regulation does not provide any kind of practical improvement in air quality. In case of smog alert warning the current regulation prohibits only vehicles having a black... view

2016. March 22. With the involvement of NGOs engaged in the topic, work out detailed action plan immediately for the significant rollback of corruption, and carry it out. Among others, this should be recommended to the government of Hungary by the EU – wrote Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) in its report for the European Commission. The Brussels-based Green Budget Europe, as... view

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