Our EU money at risk

The draft Partnership Agreement (PA) that the government recently submitted to the European Commission may not comply with EU laws and objectives, the Clean Air Action Group has concluded. The adoption of the PA and the related operational programmes would make it possible for the Hungarian government to start receiving more than 9,000 billion forints of EU cohesion funding for the period 2021-27. In other words, Hungary can only get access to these funds if the Commission adopts these...


One in two motorists want congestion charging instead of congestion in Budapest

Forty-four per cent of people who drive regularly in Budapest would rather pay a daily toll of 500 forints (1.4 Euros) than be stuck in a traffic jam. A further 20 percent of respondents would not drive in the capital if they had to pay that much, and 35 percent would not pay even if congestion would otherwise remain. These are the results of an opinion poll commissioned by the Clean Air Action Group. According to the NGO, the environment would...More

Children hate pollution

The Clean Air Action Group has launched a drawing competition for primary school children to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and the seriousness of the changes in nature caused by humanity. Children were asked to draw what they think could be done to create cleaner air. The programme is part of CNN’s #CalltoEarth Day campaign on 10 November 2021.More

The Hungarian NGO Clean Air Action Group has joined CNN’s Call to Earth initiative

Joining CNN’s “Call to Earth” initiative, the Hungarian environmental association Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) is also actively drawing attention to the seriousness of the changes caused by humanity on our planet. Humanity has already pushed one million animal species to the brink of extinction, has been devastating our oceans, and has caused a climate crisis, and it is also gravely endangering its own survival. Due to air pollution,...More

No EU money for countries that weaken environmental rules

If a government reduces the level of environmental protection provided by existing legislation, it will not be eligible for support from the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), the European Commission has said in response to a joint letter from ten NGOs. Environmental NGOs from EU countries have given concrete examples of how some governments are planning to weaken environmental legislation, claiming that the recovery from the...More

Clean Air Action Group takes Budapest air quality plan to Strasbourg Court

The air quality plan for Budapest and its surroundings, drawn up by the green authority, is not an effective way to reduce air pollution - that's why the Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) went to court years ago. The case was recently closed by the Supreme Court, which ruled that such plans cannot be effectively challenged in court. However, this violates the rights of the public under international conventions. CAAG has filed a complaint with the...More

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