Hungarian NGOs continue their work in spite of the stigmatising law

Many NGOs and other institutions and persons in Hungary and abroad have protested against the planned law which stigmatises Hungarian NGOs. However, the Hungarian Parliament did not heed these warnings, and today adopted the law on “transparency of foreign funded organisations”. The members (among them, the Clean Air Action Group) of the coalition of NGOs „Civilizáció” held a press conference today where they stated that they will use all possible legal means to get this law withdrawn....


Measures in Europe during the Occurrence of Smog

The measures to be taken in case of prolongedly extremely high levels of ambient air pollution (hereafter, for simplicity: smog) vary greatly in the different European countries: in some places the rules are strict, elsewhere they are more tolerant, and in many regions regulation is inadequate – shows a report of the Clean Air Action Group. The last winter season has brought to Europe a long period with temperatures far below zero degrees. A...More

We are civil society, we are free, we are Hungarians and we are Europeans

More than 100 Hungarian NGOs and tens of thousands of people joined the “Heroes’ veto” event on Budapest’s iconic Heroes’ Square between 17.30-19.00 today at Heroes’ Square, Budapest. On the peaceful event, the crowd of people freed up a heart-shaped area with the word “Civil”, symbolising that civil organisations are needed for Hungary. We are all part of the civil society and stand for our communities, for our environment, and...More

The last natural riverbank in Budapest must be saved

The revealed design of the mobile dam in the Római part of Budapest (Roman Riverbank) violates the regulation of the third district and the capital, which defends the riverbank. However, the relevant plan, which will be considered within weeks by the City Council, is not public. In a report by Greenpeace Hungary, the problems from the mobile dam are summarized, and a resolution is proposed. It will preserve one of the last near-natural parts of...More

Unbearable air pollution in Budapest from ships on the Danube

The Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) urges a solution to eliminate the harmful emissions from liners on the Danube both for the health protection of the inhabitants of Budapest and for the enjoyability of the World Aquatics Championship. „Based on several complaints from residents, and on our own experiences we came to the conclusion that passenger ships on the Danube are excessively health damaging, emitting barely acceptable diesel exhaust gases...More

Authorities may change their attitude towards illegal burnings

The Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) has received an encouraging answer from the Minister of State for Environmental Affairs: they are going to take steps so that the authorities take action more effectively against illegal residential burnings in the future. CAAG had previously drawn the attention of the Prime Minister’s Office in a letter that the authorities act rarely when residents burn illegally (namely, burn plastic and other waste in...More

Successful lawsuit against Tokaj’s truck traffic

Using a novel legal approach, a significant success has been achieved in the town of Tokaj by a resident who sued the road operator because of the intolerable truck traffic in front of his house. In the lawsuit that was helped by the Clear Air Action Group the Budapest Regional Court of Appeal has found infringements even at second instance and bindingly banned the road operator from further omission. Among legal instruments used for...More

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