NGOs ask Budapest municipalities to help reduce oil use

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine should have made everyone realise that we are paying not only for the climate catastrophe, but also for the vulnerability of our country, by basing our economy and our lives on fossil energy, and especially on imported fossil energy. This is a situation that we have created and we must also remedy. Each of us must do our part to break our dependence on oil, to prevent climate catastrophe and to end the war in our neighbourhood. Nine NGOs have therefore sent...


Fuel tax cuts contradict EU rules, say European NGOs

The European Commission should take the initiative to ask Member States to scrap recently introduced fuel tax cuts as they violate basic EU laws. 24 European NGOs are urging this in a letter to Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. They also call for a significant tariff on Russian oil imports.More

Price cap on petrol prices mainly benefits the rich

The richest 10 percent of the Hungarian population spend seven times as much on transport fuel than the poorest 10 percent, and more than the poorest 40 percent of the population combined. Thus, with the price of fuel fixed well below the market price, those who do not need it receive the most subsidies from the state. The price freeze should therefore be abolished without delay, and excise duties on fuel should be increased to their previous...More

There is a way for Hungary to get EU funds

The Hungarian government could remove the obstacles which are currently blocking further EU funding due to the rule-of-law conditionality mechanism. The Hungarian NGO Clean Air Action Group has developed a detailed proposal for this, which has been welcomed by the European Commission.More

Don't buy a car! – warns the Clean Air Action Group

An average car only moves around 4 percent of the time, so the cost of maintaining it is disproportionately high compared to the time it is used. It's like keeping a cow for a glass of milk every day – with this example, the Clean Air Action Group encourages everyone to choose car-sharing if they absolutely have to use a car.More

Our EU money at risk

The draft Partnership Agreement (PA) that the government recently submitted to the European Commission may not comply with EU laws and objectives, the Clean Air Action Group has concluded. The adoption of the PA and the related operational programmes would make it possible for the Hungarian government to start receiving more than 9,000 billion forints of EU cohesion funding for the period 2021-27. In other words, Hungary can only get access to...More

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