Urban tolling: an overview for beginners

What kind of plans, trends and experiences prevail about distance based urban tolling accross the globe? Beza Abebe Dress, one of Clean Air Action Group's interns, an MSc student at Budapest University of Technology and Economics was investigating that question. His research has confirmed that there are no technical or economic barriers to introducing an urban road toll system, as technology is constantly improving, on-board GPS units are getting cheaper, and congestion costs more and more to...


Will Hungary have to repay EU money because congestion charging was not implemented in Budapest?

The European Commission might claim back EU subsidies of tens of billions of Hungarian Forints from Hungary, if they will not reach an agreement regarding the missed implementation of a congestion charge in the capital city, Budapest – revealed Clean Air Action Group based on an exchange of correspondence. The Hungarian government and the City Council of Budapest have been only making promises for years, however the European Commission has to...More

CAAG won a precedent-setting lawsuit

Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) has won a lawsuit against the Government Office of Pest County regarding the authorization of a construction waste management plant. The court decision can make future environmental court proceedings easier. The Labour and Administrative Tribunal of Pécs has recently decided in favour of CAAG against the Government Office of Pest County. The case was initiated by CAAG, and it was closed with a judgement which can...More

Environmental lawyers demand revision of Budapest air quality plan

Environmental lawyers from Clean Air Action Group (CAAG), Environmental Management and Law Association (EMLA) and ClientEarth have demanded the Hungarian authorities urgently review the Air Quality Plan for Budapest and its surroundings. Air pollution in the Hungarian capital exceeds legal limits and the Air Quality Plan is inadequate, claim the lawyers. They stress the plan does not contain any substantial measures to promptly reduce...More

The next EU budget must be environment-friendly

"When using EU funds, ‘the polluter pays’ principle should be strictly applied, namely funding should only be provided if this principle is fully respected. Accordingly, EU funding for fossil fuel use and the environmentally damaging land use must be terminated.” This is one of the proposals in the Statement of the 2018 National Meeting of Hungarian Green NGOs on the Multiannual Financial Framework for the period 2021-2027. The Statement...More

Strangely, the Hungarian State Audit office is satisfied with the air quality

The report of the State Audit Office (SAO) “Controlling the measures for air quality protection” have nothing to do with reality – states the Clean Air Action Group (CAAG). SAO considers the measures taken for air quality improvement to be effective, however, data show other results. According to the European Environmental Agency's report Air Quality in Europe - 2017, in Hungary air pollution causes the premature death of more than 14 000...More

The Activities of Clean Air Action Group in 2017 (Summary)

The Clean Air Action Group achieved many successes even in 2017 among many others the following: Further progress has been made to decrease the most serious health threat of the Hungarian population. As a result of our initiative the ministry responsible for environmental protection provided professional guidance to the competent authorities and organized several informational forums in order to take actions against residential waste...More

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