Proposal for indicators of quality of life in Budapest

Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) made a proposal for indicators, which would help to evaluate numerically how well the city is progressing in competitiveness, attractiveness and in improving the quality of life of its citizens. The proposal was sent to the Budapest Municipality.

The conceptions and plans made for Budapest so far are usually missing concrete, numerically defined goals. However, even if such goals are set occasionally by the Municipality, there is no control; iteven it happens that there is no data gathering which would make any evaluation possible. In the absence of concrete, measurable goals, it is uncontrollable whether we are heading in the right direction and at the right pace.

According to the proposal of Clean Air Action Group, the most important indicators are those, which indicate the health of the people, their qualifications, and their satisfaction with the quality of life. These kind of indicators are for example the average life expectancy at birth, the average healthy life expectancy at birth, and the indicators representing the quality of the environment (for instance, the cleanness of the air), which are largely affecting health.

Clean Air Action Group urges the Budapest Municipality to define the most relevant goals, and, with a due system of indicators, to measure the development of Budapest and the improvement of the quality of life of its citizens. CAAG also urges to fix deadlines for achieving these goals (for instance, 2030), and for the subgoals as well in annual breakdown. The Municipality should also provide financial resources for the required data gathering and processing. The monitoring of the changes should take place year to year based on the indicators, and if any divergency from the appointed goals is abserved, the proper actions should be taken.

The proposal (also in English) of Clean Air Action Group can be downloaded here (pdf). The underlying (in English) study by Célia Clapit can be downloaded here (pdf, 77 MB).